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Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Review 
Gaming It Up @ BigFN j


I’m not even sure where to start with this one, so I’ll just jump in and say that the game is pretty good but has some glaring issues that I seriously can’t believe are still a problem after this many years since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Just a little history on the franchise from my point of view…

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Best first person shooter ever created by mankind
Call of Duty 5: World at War - Pile of garbage
Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2 - Would have been the most amazing sequel in the whole of this universe if they removed the perk "One Man Army"
Call of Duty 7: Black Ops - Great game, plagued by lag and revenge spawn system (ie not fun online)
Call of Duty 8: Modern Warfare 3 - Somehow barfed out by 3 companies and it showed, fucking awful

Which brings us finally to the 9th installment in the series, note that the "Call of Duty" portion has been stripped from most of the games as the two studios Treyarch and infinity ward try to differentiate themselves in the market, though both saddled by Activision which we all know is a gaming company that is about $$$MONEY$$$ and not gamers.

Call of Duty 9: Black Ops 2
Id like to take a minute and talk about the things in this game that I do enjoy before I bash the shit out of the game and lay into all the things that make it garbage, and they are plentiful.

Mostly* well thought out map design
Class load out system based on 10 points
Greatly rewarded for doing map objectives

Spawn System
Zero Cover
No Punishment for Quitting

There are 14 maps in the game, 3 of which are complete shit and a 4th that is just mostly shit. That still leaves us with 10 amazing and well thought out maps. Here’s a list of the absolute worst maps ever conceived by human beings


Seriously what the fuck is going on here, it’s like they took 3 maps, smashed them all together, then said "well that looks about right"... fuck you Treyarch this thing is a pile of shit, it’s all a jumbled convoluted mess, it goes up and down far too much to be playable, plagued with no line of sight and campfire corners every-fucking-where, cliffs that you can actually fall off of and die, its fucking awful. You couple this map with your bullshit "kill the guy that just killed you" ie: revenge spawning, and you have a perfect storm of disaster. When this map comes up i just back out of the lobby and search for a new one... fucking awful


Think China-Town but half the size and more fucked up. This map, especially on Domination game mode is atrociously difficult and annoying... come to think of it, most of the maps with buildings are poorly done and this one is the very reason I would point to if someone asked why. The map is actually designed to camp; you just stand in any building, scope in your gun, and wait for the dumbasses that are actually running around to walk into your line of fire. It’s like running around in a beehive, if you’re not in a building you’re going to die, if you are in a building, odds are extremely high that there are 4 entrances to shoot you in the back that you can’t cover. This map design seems to have shown up in more and more frequently in the series and I for one can’t stand it. Maps used to be very singular, 3 major paths, entrance & exit, and if it’s a really odd room (like 1 on the whole map) there may be more than 2 ways into it like a window. I would say thinking back that since Modern Warfare 2, all rooms, buildings, open areas etc. all have at a minimum 5 entry points, and most maps have nearly 5-7 major running paths. It’s terrible and nobody likes it. I’m not entirely sure why, probably to differentiate itself from counterstrike (all maps have 3 major paths, buildings have an entrance & an exit)... but it’s done that way for a reason, and people have been playing counterstrike for over 12 years.... I digress. Maps are way to fucking complicated in the new games and every iteration in the series since Modern Warfare 2 is making it worse and worse. In fact there is so much texture garbage on some of these maps that picking people out of the mess is a huge pain.... I know this is because the game is built for a console that’s over a decade old in technology but I did not have this problem until Modern Warfare 3 (barf). KISS Keep It Simple Stupid... seriously tone down map complication and keep shit simple, it can still look good and play nice, best map I can think of off the top of my head... strike that best 2 are Call of Duty 4: Crossfire & Bog... Just look at the beauty, the simplicity... oh gawd I’m getting a chub. Which reminds me, the best map in Black Ops2 is easily Standoff, followed by Raid. They follow the original formula, 3 major run paths; buildings are simple 1 way in 1 way out, with a single window. Good line of sights on the 3 paths, and a few small auxiliary ways to make your way across... BAM perfect maps!




See entire above description for why this map is a pile of smelly horse manure. Triple tier buildings, 5 entrances to all of them plus windows, no good line of sights, cramped running spaces, and buildings make for shitty use of killstreaks. I mean seriously, why can i get on the roof and NOT be able to see anything but a tiny courtyard and 1 doorway... this map is a complete #MAPFAIL

The create a class load out system is a refreshing new take on building your classes. It is now based on a 10 point system, where each "slot" takes up a point regardless of what it is. It adds a new layer of depth and customization which is very welcome to the franchise and I hope that future titles utilize this clever mechanic. It allows someone to choose 3 attachments for a gun, or carry triple auxiliary grenades while giving up the third perk and an offhand weapon. It’s all about sacrifices and that is a good thing. If i want to run with a silencer, ACOG Scope, FMJ Bullets, but not have a stun grenade, I can! It’s a great idea and it was implemented very well. #WIN

Objective Rewards
The other change to the game that was welcome is being rewarded for actually doing the map objectives. An example is in Domination, if you capture an enemy flag its worth 4x capturing a neutral flag, if you defend a flag or get kills while capping the same 4x bonus applies. It’s great to see them reward via xp for doing objectives. I do feel that it needs work in some game modes however... for instance in Kill confirmed, you almost feel punished for bothering to deny kills or get your own tags. It’s actually more points to kill someone than to risk your life defending your teams honor, and that needs to be re-evaluated.

That pretty much wraps up the things that I really like about this new iteration in the series, so I suppose now ill move onto the things that, let’s be honest, really need to be thought out better. I really wish the company would pull in a gamer or a reviewer (yes like me) who really is in love with the franchise but very critical of it at the same time, and run decisions by them early on so that they are never too far in development to just leave it in the game, like shitty maps.

The guns in this game are an easy target for criticism due mostly to the fact that they all suck balls across the board... literally, they are either in 1 of 2 categories; 1- Weak as hell 2- Overpowered as shit. There is really no middle ground on the guns as they all are complete fucking trash or so overpowered (sniper rifles) that it is really difficult to find something your genuinely happy with. Top that off with the autofinder noob-scope and you have a game where skilled players are punished by the masses using autofind-gunscopes and spraying lead to kill you with no accuracy or skill to speak of. This forces me, the vet, to run classes purely to negate the "make shit for the masses" crap that was put into the game to sell 100,000 more copies than last years. There’s no reason a scope should see me through a wall, and that wall provide no cover, and die when a dude w/ an LMG sprays the wall. Most of the assault Rifles simply put out to much lead. In my rough estimations It seems that for every 4 bullets that leave the gun, 1 of them registers as a hit, so in this game it takes 3 bullets to kill someone, so when you drop someone at point blank with the MTAR your clip has expelled 12 bullets if you didn’t miss w/ a single bullet, fucking ridiculous. Now move into the 3-round and even the 4-round burst rifles. Excellent you would think, an accurate shot will drop someone, like the M16 of old or the Type-95, where accuracy is rewarded over spray'n'pray.... NOPE!!! Still takes a full 2 or sometimes 3 full trigger pulls to drop someone... basically the same 12 bullets you would have expelled from a full auto, still need to be expelled. Again it’s because only 1 bullet registers as a hit, and the rest hit the person while they are in their invincible frames. Honestly this is ridiculous... a FOUR round burst rifle taking me 2 or 3 dead on shots to kill a person... holy shit that’s retarded. So you look at a 4 bullets a shot type gun taking 8-12 bullets to kill a person, and you look at the sniper rifles... all pretty much 1 bullet kills, that require not having to ever scope in fully to utilize... why would anyone use an assault rifle? And why on earth does a sniper rifle shoot its bullet DEAD CENTER while in the animation of pulling the scope up to your face, its not called quickscoping, as that would require the scope to actually show up on your face, and its not really no-scoping because they do tap the scope button, it’s a fucked up mechanic that should have been ripped from the game 5 years ago. If you’re in the process of pulling the scope up it either needs to A- Not Shoot, or B- Randomly fire somewhere in that big-ass hitbox it has when you’re running around. Simple, fucking fix it, you lazy ass motherfuckers. The other single shot guns are pretty much use the FAL or don’t use single fire guns. The SMR is the 2nd single shot gun you get after the FAL, however, even with its crazy increased damage, it still takes 3 bullets to kill someone. So you have an early unlocked gun w/ crazy good accuracy that takes 3 bullets... OR... a late unlocked gun that has shit for accuracy ALSO takes 3 bullets to kill someone.. Really?! Was it that hard to make it just take 1 less bullet to kill someone and sacrifice a fuckton of accuracy to do so...? Oh its overpowered... no... a fucking sniper rifle is overpowered, fix it. Until then, if you like single shot (and i do) use the FAL. If nothing else when you kill a guy you don’t have to reload like every single auto in the game because you’ll actually still have ammo in the clip. Oh and the FAL takes WAY less screen real estate cuz its like half the size of the SMR so you can see more of what’s going on around you.

Submachine guns, pretty beast, use them.

Shotguns, can be beast w/ the right attachments, situational at best.

Handguns, just use the last one you unlock, it’s better than most of the sub machine guns, and better than most of the assault rifles, it’s so overpowered it makes me puke rainbows. The next best is the 3 round burst one, just note that it STILL takes 2 or 3 full bursts to drop someone, even at point blank range, test it yourself, it’s another 3-round burst fail.

NOTE: Why don’t headshots do more damage in this game like the last 8 Call of Duty games.

Great idea, so poorly implemented it makes me sick. This is of course due largely to the fact that it rewards ONLY score and killing people is the lowest score you can get in the game (aside from collecting your own/team dogtags in kill confirmed), coupled with the fact that they are so expensive you will rarely see anything past a lightning strike. It also devalues kills which you could argue is a good thing, but killing your opponent is just as important as capturing a flag. Every kill counts, and every dead enemy contributes to your team overall. For some reason when this system was implemented they forgot that killing the enemy is always important to winning, not JUST killing them when they are on or near an objective. If you look at how scorestreaks are geared you would literally have to kill 18 enemies, WITHOUT dying to get only halfway up the scorestreak list. So if you want to get a swarm scorestreak solely on kills you would need to kill 28 people without dying. Killstreaks were a better way to go. My opinion is that they should have done it via score, however a kill counts only half as much as an objective. So a kill would be 1 point, and an objective or objective based kill would be worth 2. Simple, easy, efficient, still rewards killing, and rewards killing based on objectives 2x. Honestly a sniper holding down the path to our spawn location is just as valuable as the guy capping the flag. I dunno, it’s a dumb system that needs to be reworked.

Scorestreaks are fucked up
The UAV, it’s so overpowered it makes my anus feel like it’s been ripped apart by a black dildo every time someone uses it. It’s super easy to get, EVERYONE runs it because anything not on line 1 is to hard to get, and it’s impossible to counter with perks. Ghost is on my list of why perks are so fucking retarded but seriously, the only way to NOT show up on a UAV is to keep moving... literally you stop for less than a second, and you show up on the map during a UAV. It’s like perma uav in every single game. It’s stupid, and annoying, and GHOST is a complete fucking joke of a perk. They need to make the UAV cost like 800 score instead of 375, seriously, it’s annoying knowing that nearly 100% of the time the other team can see you. While we’re on the topic why the fuck doesn’t the UAV show up on the mini-map if you have a UAV up also. It’s hard to find to shoot down, so most people just ignore it, and if you’re the one shooting them down, AND you don’t die often, you get to shoot maybe 2 down at most then you’re out of ammo till you die. Fuck yourself for this one Treyarch, eat a dick.
The Hunter Killer, to easy to get and way to powerful. Who the hell gets to throw a homing missile in the air every couple of "score". I counter that shit w/ blind eye or whatever but then the dumbass next to me gets targeted and I die. I probably die to Hunter killers w/ blind eye on at least 3x a match. Does anyone at Treyarch play this game?

Menu System
Confusing, convoluted, jigsaw puzzle of shit. Where the hell is weapon camo? Why does selecting the gun again remove all the attachments, how do you set the shit to the right in the lobby and showoff your shit? How do you "prestige" a weapon? How do i customize the reticule? Where is the "DLC" Camo? Why does shit turn huge and orange in the sub-menus' confusing the shit out of me and making me wonder what selection I’m on? Where is the search best connection setting? Why can’t I use a - or a . in the class naming? How do I copy a class? I mean seriously, 40 hours into the multiplayer and I still forget where shit is all the god damned time, its messy, it has no flow, its confusing. How god damned hard is it to make it like... oh I dunno, the last fucking 5 games in the series that made sense. Stop trying to be different on shit like this, it needs to be easy and simple, give it some swagger if you want to be different, stop moving shit around. God dammit!

God i think i use like 2 of them, most of them are garbage and the singular one that isn’t is only because grenades, scratch that, bouncing betty's are to god damned powerful. Flak Jacket. Equip it, never take it off, profit. There is also one that lets you steal shit from people, its way overpowered because if you couple it with the one that turns betty's red, you can literally hijack peoples shit through solid granite, through walls, ceilings, floors, stairs, the other side of tankers... its fucking retarded. The rest are so meh that they aren’t even worth equipping... it’s like they wanted you to take perks off and run triple betty's. Why do they kill you when you kneel 50% of the time? (bad coding is the answer) and why can’t you go prone when you hear them... the running joke is if you hear it your dead, and its true. May as well just make the sound and put you into the killcam cuz they are unfucking believably fast.

Spawn System
You should never, ever, in a billion years of gaming, ever spawn right behind the person who killed you, yet it happens all the fucking time. Fix it. Don’t spawn me into a grenade or gunfire... Fix it. Pull up all the spawn code from Call of Duty 4: put it in your game and you will win at spawn systems.

No Cover
AKA, nothing is bulletproof, hell nothing in the game even seems to reduce damage. Cars, Limestone, Walls, Floors, SOLID Fucking Concrete, all of it may as well be cardboard to your bullets. It’s taking a while to get used to, but if I even remotely think someone may be behind a wall, I just shoot it... works out for me about 80% of the time. If someone is shooting me, then moves behind the wall or a bed from across the map, I just shoot at the wall or bed to kill them now. Flipside though, with the noob-finder scope, people are learning that if the shit turns red, just pull the trigger cuz youll kill them. Hiding behind a car.... .HAHHAHAHA silly noob, cars aren’t bulletproof BLAM*. Sniper ducks to cover after missing a shot... HAHAHAHAHA silly sniper, just cuz i can’t see you doesn’t mean my bullets cant BLAM* Oh you are on the floor above me... no problem my magic bullets can penetrate the ceiling and kill you np np .... HAHHAHAHA BLAM* ---- SERIOUSLY?! What the hell happened to cover? It’s like 8 years of cover in call of duty games, then this one comes out and says.... na, the map is for looks, your all playing in an aquarium, it just "looks" like your behind something. Who came up with this shit? The guy wearing the helmet apparently and took the little bus to work. Cover makes people feel safe, and everyone is just learning that if your getting shot at, you’re gonna die regardless of if you find cover or not. I pooh on you.

Punishment For Quitting
Halo does it, why can’t Call of Duty. Having a good game, not for long cuz the other team will just leave, doing poorly? No Problem here, just back out. There should be a 15 minute penalty for leaving a match, it its important enough to leave, it'll probably take 15 minutes, if it’s not, you get to wait, fuck you for leaving asshole. Here’s a video that has a much more eloquent way of explaining the situation

Discussing Connection Issues, Backing Out & Lag

The funny thing, despite the huge bucket of #FAIL this game managed to fill, there’s still a lot to enjoy online. The game generally "feels" good to play, most of the maps are enjoyable, and once you find a class setup you enjoy, it can really be a rewarding experience. Either way I love to hate on shit, and this game is so easy to hate, though i still play it. It’s like a disease, the "must play call of duty" disease. meh


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Modern Warfare 3 - New Maps Leak! 
Gaming It Up @ BigFN j

HOLY SHIT SON! Here they are, leaked images of the new maps for Modern Warfare 3!!!!


Posted by admin on Friday, October 28, 2011 @ 14:43:06 PDT (1024 reads)
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Chrome now wins 
Shiver Me Timbers...

Well the browser war officialy ended for me today when Firefox updated on me without my permission and switched all my default searches to BING. Ya... i know... fuck you bing, and now i guess, fuck you firefox. Not only did it pull my search up in Bing, i then got these stupid ass bing search popups. I nearly shit my pants. I thought i did something wrong so i clicked on the address bar and did another search, same shit.

~it feels like a billion voices just cried out in frustration and their browsers were suddenly silenced

I had already been teetering with dropping firefox for chrome anyways, but kept holding out on version 3 until chrome got some sort of plugin for advanced tab management like "Tab Mix Plus" in firefox. but after this, after today, and the abomination that is the latest version of firefox, im out. Clean out, like will never look back out.

I welcome you Chrome, as my browser king, may your reign be supreme





and of course...




On a side-note if you still want to use firefox (and i cant imagine why) heres how to replace bing back to google


* 1
Launch Firefox.

* 2
Type "about:config" in the location bar.

* 3
Type "keyword.URL" in the filter bar.

* 4
Right-click on "keyword.URL" in the search results. Click "Reset."

OR manualy replace the value with



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Gaming It Up @ BigFN j

Been neglecting the site more and more, Its not that I dont have the time, its that im lazy and not taking the time to just login and write stuff. Anyways I came across some hilarious comics recently, one that totally reminds me of being married, and the other... well its just funny cuz of how true it is, enjoy!



Posted by BigFNj on Thursday, July 21, 2011 @ 14:54:55 PDT (890 reads)
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Please release this game Nintendo..... NO! 
Gaming It Up @ BigFN j


Came across this greeat article on Wired... thought I would share, it is cut/paste below in its entirety.



Nintendo’s Game-Killing Policies Alienate Biggest Fans

Nintendo has not yet said if it will publish The Last Story, an acclaimed new role-playing game by the creator of Final Fantasy, outside Japan.
Image: Nintendo

The most charitable thing we could say right now about the lineup of games for Nintendo’s Wii console is that it is not quite a barren wasteland.

There’s the epic adventure The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The Wii debut of the addictive, original music game Rhythm Heaven. And another Kirby game. All these are coming at some indeterminate point in the future.

And that’s about it, at least for those of us who are fans of deep, challenging experiences, or the sort of things we used to call “videogames.”

Nintendo’s got plenty more on tap for the casual audience: virtual board games like Mario Party and Fortune Street, find-the-object games like Mystery Case Files and Mii mini-game playgrounds like Wii Play Motion.

That’s in America. In Japan, where Wii has not been as explosively popular, it’s a different story. Nintendo continues to make grand overtures to the hard-core gaming fans in its home country. Most notably, over the past year it has released two role-playing games called Xenoblade and The Last Story, created by some of Japan’s most famous RPG designers. The games are exactly the sort of thing that Nintendo’s system lacks stateside: full-scale adventures with solid gameplay, high-quality graphics and music, interesting stories.

Social-media letter-writing campaign Operation Rainfall seeks to ‘make Nintendo localize notable games such as Xenoblade.’

So it came as something of a shock when Nintendo did not take the opportunity at E3 to announce U.S. releases for these two games. Over the years, Nintendo of America has often declined to release many of its more hard-core Japanese games, but these two titles seem to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back for many fans. A group of them has started a social-media letter-writing campaign called Operation Rainfall with a stated mission “to make Nintendo localize notable games, such as Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower.”

Most interestingly, Operation Rainfall has mobilized enough fans to pre-order Xenoblade on Amazon (using an outdated entry for the game’s old working title, Monado: Beginning of the World) that it was for a time the best-selling game on the site.

While it is still possible Nintendo plans to release these games in the United States and simply has not announced them yet, given the company’s track record there is good reason to be skeptical bordering on pessimistic. Nintendo, like every other publisher on the planet, has every right and duty to decline to release certain games. What makes Nintendo unique is that it refuses to let other publishers release the games, either. What good does it do anyone to sit on content — especially when there’s barely anything else on your platform?


As for me, I’m lucky. I speak and read Japanese, so I was able to buy and play Xenoblade and The Last Story (after buying a Japanese Wii, of course, following Nintendo’s unfortunate decision to region-lock the console). I started studying the Japanese language specifically so I could play games that weren’t released in English, the most notorious of which at the time was Final Fantasy V.

These days, many more Japanese games are released in the United States, and with much faster turnaround times. Small publishers like Atlus, NIS America and Aksys do a brisk business in releasing many niche role-playing games in small batches for hard-core fans. For the most part, today’s gamers don’t need to crack the books and study kanji characters simply to play the games they want.

The one maddening exception is Nintendo of America, which for reasons it flatly refuses to discuss has greatly cut down the number and types of games it releases. The omissions that fans have found to be most egregious are the ones in established game series. Nintendo partnered with Tecmo Koei to release the latest in the Fatal Frame series, a survival horror franchise that was quite popular in the PlayStation 2 era, exclusively for Wii. But it was never released outside Japan.

Early in the life of Nintendo DS, Nintendo released two intriguing puzzle-adventure games called Trace Memory and Hotel Dusk. It produced sequels to both games, which were released in Europe, but not America.

Two excellent GameCube games, Pikmin 2 and Chibi-Robo, were re-released on Wii in Japan featuring motion controls. Neither came here.

I won’t belabor the point. (OK, I will: Mother 3.) Yes, every other game publisher routinely decides it does not have the money or bandwidth to release certain games in all territories. Recently, Capcom’s U.S. branch said it would not release the latest Nintendo DS Ace Attorney game here after five critically acclaimed installments.

When asked why, Senior Vice President Christian Svensson was quite forthcoming: “The costs of localization are higher than the forecasted return,” he said on the company’s official forums.

Third parties have abandoned Wii, and Nintendo apparently does not see fit to change its game lineup to make up for that.

While it’s unlikely that Capcom would let another publisher handle the game, many large gamemakers actively seek out other outfits that are all too happy to translate and release the games they pass on. For example, Namco Bandai declined to release the wonderful Retro Game Challenge, which was picked up by Xseed Games. Sony didn’t want to tackle What Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord?, and NIS America jumped on it.

Nintendo used to allow this; its first-party Japanese games Cubivore and Polarium Advance were released in the United States by Atlus. This is a company that I am fairly sure would be positively ecstatic to release any or all of the games that Nintendo passes on.

And yet, for some reason unbeknownst to us common folk, Nintendo sees more benefit in sitting on the games and never releasing them at all. Saving them for a rainy day, perhaps? If so, it’s pouring now. The list of upcoming third-party Wii games that Nintendo distributed at E3 tells the rest of the story: There is not a single game coming to the Wii from Nintendo that is not either aimed at the casual audience or otherwise based on a kid-friendly movie or television license. It’s over. Third parties have abandoned Wii as a serious platform, and Nintendo apparently does not see fit to change its game lineup to make up for that.

With practically nothing on the Wii that isn’t licensed shovelware or casual mini-games, this would be the perfect time for Nintendo to partner with smaller third parties and have them handle the localization and release of some original games.

This is especially true in the case of Tecmo Koei, which produced Fatal Frame and Takt of Magic for Wii. Do you know what Tecmo Koei is releasing on Wii this year? Champion Jockey, a racetrack-betting simulator. Do you think it would rather be releasing Fatal Frame? Why yes, I believe it would.

It’s not that these games are all amazing. Xenoblade and The Last Story are very good, but I think many of the others would get middling reviews. But being selective about which games to release makes some sense only if players are otherwise spoiled for choice. If that was ever the case on Wii, it is not anymore.

Hey, I get it: Casual gamers are Nintendo’s bread and butter. The company sold millions more copies of Wii Sports Resort than it sold of Metroid Prime 3. It makes perfect sense that it would exert more effort there, given that Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 own the hard-core gamer market. But Nintendo always said it did not intend to abandon the core. And with its emphasis on core games for upcoming console Wii U and 3DS at E3, one would think the company would make at least some token effort to retain those fans through the Wii’s final year and a half.

I should probably note at this point that the absence of Xenoblade and The Last Story from E3 does not mean that they have been canned. There is a great chance that fans are organizing a letter-writing campaign over products that Nintendo already has every intention of releasing.

Indeed, Nintendo has a history of holding games back from E3: In 2008, it waited until October to announce Punch-Out!, Sin & Punishment and the DS version of Rhythm Heaven. Perhaps it did not want the games to be forgotten in the whirlwind of E3.

But if gamers find themselves pessimistic about these games’ chances, Nintendo has only its own disastrous track record to blame.

Chris Kohler is the founder and editor of Wired.com's Game|Life, and the author of Power-Up: How Japanese Video Games Gave the World an Extra Life. He will talk your ear off about Japanese curry rice.





on Twitter.

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The Death of Star Wars Galaxies 
Games Up 2 Date w/ Eight8Eight
Eight8Eight writes:  

The Death of SWG

Star Wars Galaxies, will go offline later this year after more than eight years of service, Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts announced today.

In a letter to Star Wars Galaxies players, the game's developers call the closure of the MMO and its trading card game spin-off a "very difficult decision," putting an end to the virtual world on December 15, 2011. SOE promises that Galaxies will "go out with a bang with a galaxy-ending in-game event in December."

In an interview with Massively, SOE's John Smedley says the decision to end Star Wars Galaxies was a "business decision" largely related to the arrival of BioWare's Star Wars MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, expected to launch within the next year. Smedley downplays speculation that recent hacking attempts, lay-offs or a still dwindling player population were behind the closure.

I myself have played the game in length leveling both a level 90 spy and medic and enjoying the game and all of the expansions

Star Wars Galaxies first launched in the summer of 2003. Below is SOE and LucasArts' letter to fans on the game's closure.

Posted by BigFNj on Monday, June 27, 2011 @ 10:38:22 PDT (2282 reads)
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Videogames OFFICIALY protected under 1st amendment 
Gaming It Up @ BigFN j

Just moments ago, the Supreme Court in a 7 to 2 decision, has decided that, like music, books and movies, video games are First Amendment protected speech in the case Brown v. EMA.  So many people took action signing the gamer petition and directly filing briefs with the Court.

The decision has been a long time coming, and we're so pleased by today's news.  We're sure this isn't the end of the fight.  One decision doesn't mean that we won't see elected officials attempted to test these new parameters.  You better believe the ECA will continue to fight for the rights of the entertainment consumers and we hope you'll stand with us and add your voice.

But today, we can hold our heads up a little higher knowing that we won this fight.  We'll be following up later in greater detail once we've read the complete decision.

Happy gaming,

The Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA)

Posted by BigFNj on Monday, June 27, 2011 @ 10:38:03 PDT (2039 reads)
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Duke Nukem Forever (scared) 
Gaming It Up @ BigFN j

I have read several reviews of this game, and the end conclusion of ALL of them is this....

The Good

  • The game doesn't last very long

The Bad

  • Everything else

The Ugly

  • I have to install and play this piece of garbage on the PC to see how that version holds up, and make sure there's nothing to be salvaged from the multiplayer

Verdict: Skip

Im not going to lie, I was super excited for this, now im not even sure If im going to install it and find out if the above is true. Are you going to play it? If so how was/is the game?



Posted by BigFNj on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 @ 13:02:15 PDT (2171 reads)
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Dungeon Siege 3 
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 My Review of Dungeon Siege 3

So I was bored today so I downloaded it and played it in one sitting. I finished it in just under 9 hours, I didn't do "EVERYTHING" but I did finish the game. 

First things first, <Rant> Game developers have gotten into the terrible habit of designing their games for the Console (PS3,Xbox360), then doing some half-assed port to the PC. It doesn't make any sense to me, because I feel as a gamer that each development should be able to stand on it's own. I am just glad I downloaded this and I didn't pay for it. When I started playing this I got the same feeling I get, when I buy a DVD or a Blueray and all it came with is the movie and nothing else. </Rant>

The controls are really weird but after about the 3rd hour it didn't feel as bad. Not like it should have been, and there is no key config in order to change it. The left mouse button does a basic attack, if you hold shift you can do an augmented attack. The right mouse button moves you around (basically point and click). You switch Stances with the "Q" key Each stance has a basic attack a basic augmented attack and 3 alternative attacks which you activate using the 1 2 and 3 keys. You can block by using the space bar but that drains your power/focus. Holding the Space-Bar gives you access to 3 other abilities for healing defense or power/focus regain if you have purchases those abilities. There are some other movement commands but you get the idea.

The Story-Line is pretty decent, but Square Enix is generally good about that. The problem comes with your companions, you can only bring one with you, they each have their own stories. The character you choose is streamlined into the core story and you get little snippets of the story of your companions depending on who you have with you. I played Reinhart the Old Scholar Mage, He was a fun character, the spells and the dynamics are fairly cool and you can teleport away from the bad guys. My main companion was Anjali, the Archon. She seemed to have the most interesting story as the days passed. The only reason I think they did it this way in order to make the game have more replay value. 

All in all it's a decent game but I think the controls of the game bring the game rating down, I would give it a 2 out of 5, if you are bored and want a game to pass the time it will fit your needs

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